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Hey! I’m not dead yet!

You may have noticed it’s been awhile since my last costume posts. Long story short, my husband and I bought a house and I’ve been without a sewing room for almost a year! I’ve been trying to hold back from sewing for as long as possible, but with Steamcon fast approaching in 2 weeks, I couldn’t stop feeling like I needed to make something. Like, staying awake 5 hours past when I go to bed obsessively photoshopping my plans need.

You see, I’ve had this awesome hat for a few years now:

Mysterious Hat

I picked it up two or three years ago at a thrift store in LA that specializes in used movie and theater props (why oh why does LA have to be so far awaaaay?)

I have no clue where this hat came from or what it was used for, but it’s been calling to me to make a costume for it. AND this year’s Steamcon theme is Around The World which means it’s a perfect year to go a little less traditional English Victorian with my costuming, AND Professor Elemental is coming all the way from England and I love Professor Elemental so it simply would not do to not at least put in an effort.

So. With two weeks until Steamcon, I’ve decided to turn our mid-renovation living and dining rooms into a temporary sewing room.

Setting up the "sewing room"

Setting up the “sewing room.” Why yes, that is a table built onto the top of a futon. Small apartments called for creative solutions!

This also means you should start seeing more posts from me over the next two weeks.  🙂  Hurray! Content!