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The Restart

Unfortunately, going to college and moving to Boston took a big bite out of my free time for costuming, and I didn’t sew anything on my own for about five years. It wasn’t until a month before my wedding in September 2010 that I finally broke out my old hand me down sewing machine and started my first solo sewing project: a bolero jacket for my wedding dress and a hot pink bow tie for my Groom-to-be, Stu.  No pressure, right?  😉

Thankfully for Stu’s bow tie I was able to use a bow tie he already had to make a pattern, but the bolero was a little more work.

I believe I started by using this pattern:

By the end though the result was pretty different. I eliminated the darts, adjusted the bust, and shortened the sleeves. The end result?

It turned out alright, and the day was beautiful, but if I could redo the bolero I think I really should’ve picked a fabric with a little more body.

The fabric I used was very smooth and silky and draped wonderfully off the bolt at Fabric Depot, but when made up into the bolero it was a constant effort to keep it from slipping off my shoulders. C’est la vie.

Stu’s hot pink silk dupioni bow tie turned out great though.  🙂