Self indulgence through sewing.

Steamcon 2013 Harem Pants, Completed!

Hurray! I wasn’t sure I’d have time to make a second set of harem pants after the first set turned out wimpy and ill-fitting and incredibly satin. BUT I DID!

And here they are:

Harem Pants, Version 2

Harem Pants, Version 2

They’re still based off the pants in the Simplicity 5359 pattern set, but I increased the width of each leg to a full 60″ of fabric (the original pattern only called for about 40″ for each leg) and increased the pattern length by 1″ to 43″ long. I would have increased it more, but I knew I’d be losing the encased elastic channels at the ankles in favor of gathering with my sewing machines pleating foot and binding the raw edge with  left over bias tape from my jacket. I hate the feel of elasticed ankles.

I also discovered (through my first satin pair of harem pants) that these pants fit better backwards than they did frontwards. Very strange, but since I was planning to move the zipper from the back to the front ANYWAY, that meant one less pattern change to hold in my head. Huzzah!

I was a little worried about wrangling the bulk of all this fabric into the waistband and ankle bands, but a quick run through with my trusty pleating foot too the fabric down to a manageable level. Then I ironed and ran two lines of basting stitches over the pleats and gathered it all into the waistband.

All pleated up and ready to be assembled.

All pleated up and ready to be assembled.

So yippie, my costume is pretty much done with one day left to spare.  🙂  Well, maybe not done done since I still have to add some hooks and eyes and decide how I’m going to finish the teal dress’s hem (I’m leaning towards fraying it out and having fun with some fabric distressing) but that shouldn’t be too hard tomorrow.  🙂

I’m really looking forward to Steamcon this year!  😀  If you see me there give a hollar!  Sometimes I think I might have Bitchy Resting Face, but be assured I really do love talking to and meeting new people.  🙂


2 responses

  1. unf they look so comfy!

    October 24, 2013 at 1:05 am

    • They ARE! I actually ended up just hanging out in them for the rest of the night after taking that photo. I’m so looking forward to having a comfortable Steamcon costume. 🙂 I really really don’t feel like corseting up this year…

      October 24, 2013 at 9:24 am

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